My Philosophy,

and the Services I offer…


1. I treat each student as a unique human being. I

will find songs and monologues that will best show your strengths, and your personality. Finding the correct material is a crucial step in the process. 


2. I know what schools  are looking for. My recommendation is for male students to audition for at least five schools, and female applicants audition for eight to ten schools.

3.  After choosing your material, I will coach you vocally and stage each musical number and monologue.  We will delve intensely into the interpretation of each song, and the character and intention of each monologue.  We will work each song, and each monologue until you feel absolutely comfortable and ready to audition.


4.  I  realize that this can be a very stressful time for  parents, as well as for the student auditioning.  We can make this process much less stressful together by making sure your child is prepared, and by making the parent a part of this process.   I find that many parents are as anxious as the students when going to auditions.  I will help familiarize parents with what to expect, and what to do at each audition. I will do whatever I can do to make you comfortable with your auditions.



Free Initial Consultation with Student and Parents.


If you would like to use my services after the consultation I will be happy to offer you a competitive rate.  The rate listed on another page of this site is for adults.  Those auditioning for Musical Theatre Programs will probably need multiple hours, and the rate would be adjusted.


The amount of training you have had before we start working will also determine how much time you may need to be fully prepared. Everyone is starting from a different place.  If you need more time preparing vocally it can be arranged.  If you feel weaker with the monologues, we can arrange more time to work on that aspect of your audition.


If you already have a voice teacher, I respect that and will try to add on to what you have been doing in your voice lessons. 


Please contact me at to set up a consultation, or if you have any questions.





My goal is to make sure you are ready.  You will work in a relaxed, creative environment in which you feel comfortable.  You can find a vocal coach to prepare your song selections, and you can choose an acting coach to prepare your monologues. I can make sure your material will be coordinated for a seamless audition. I focus on getting you prepared so you are ready the minute you walk into the audition.  I can also help those who are auditioning for Acting Programs, and need help with monologues as well as those auditioning for Vocal Performance degrees and need help staging their songs.


We will go over every detail of your audition together.


I treat each student in a personal, individual way.  This cannot be stressed enough.